What Does the Word Repent Mean?

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Repent Means Change Your Ways To Gods Ways

People are scared of the word repent and for some reason stay away from acting on it. Many confess their sins to God asking Jesus Christ to forgive them of all their sins and in faith, Jesus does forgive all their sins. But some people are snared with the same sins repeating them over and over because they do not change their ways. They keep doing the same patterns expecting different results. Now let us explain why John the Baptist and Jesus preached saying we must Repent! Repent means to turn away from sin and go the opposite direction from it. It also means that when we ask forgiveness we are to be sorry for our sins since when we sin we hurt our personal relationship with Jesus. In other words, repent means CHANGE YOUR WAYS ! So, for example, if you keep getting snared by lust on the TV or internet, stop looking at it and say to your self: “CHANGE YOUR WAYS”, and stop doing the same bad habits. The good news is Jesus has sent Holy Spirit to help you each hour of every day if you call on Him to help you get free from bad habits or addictions.

We recommend you attend a strong Christian church and worship Jesus as often as possible going to the altar and letting God’s power saturate you so you can break free from bondages of the past and live totally new in Christ. If you have not got water baptized yet, then ask for it and as you go under the water, die to your old ways, and as you come up out of the water, live totally for Jesus with the Help and power of Holy Spirit. .

Study the Bible every day and fall totally in love with Jesus Christ and the plan Jesus has for your life. Jesus wants to meet you in your prayer times at your home, all the time so make prayer and reading the Bible, your number #1 priority when you are not at church.

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