When you become a Christian you have the Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven. Do you know how they lock and unlock?

About Jesus Christ The SaviorThe Bible says born again Christians have been given the keys to the kingdom of Heaven but most are ignorant of that fact as they don’t study their Bibles each day and do not know the authority they have been given in Jesus’ name to lock(bind) and unlock(loose).    John 10:10 says … [Read more…]

Faith without Corresponding Actions and Words is Dead So Watch What you Say and Do

About Jesus Christ The SaviorRomans 10:9-10 says to be saved (rescued by Jesus for eternal life) you have to BELEIVE (100% commitment to Jesus in faith and actions) and SAY with your mouth, JESUS IS LORD, then you will be saved. The Books of James says faith without works is dead (or faith without corresponding actions … [Read more…]

Woman with Issue of Blood and Blind Bartimaeus both got their healing by Faith And Corresponding actions and Words

About Jesus Christ The SaviorThe book of James in the Bible says faith without works as dead. As you study the Books of James you see in examples of what Abraham, Rahab, and others that they had corresponding actions and corresponding words with their faith. So if you are standing on the Word of God … [Read more…]