Study the Holy Bible – Learn What Jesus Christ Says

So many people have never read the Holy Bible. Others have read through it without really studying it.  They then talk and do things that are contrary to scripture since they have not really studied the Holy Bible to find out what really is right and what really is wrong.  Too many people live their own version of righteousness which is convenient for their lifestyle which lets them sin.

It is time to get serious and commit your life 100% to Jesus Christ asking Him in your heart and asking for all your sins to be forgiven.  Then daily study the Holy Bible and do what Jesus says.

Jesus sent Holy Spirit and His Grace, His Ability and Power to help us get free from all the addictions to sin.  It is time to study the Holy Bible and apply what the Holy Bible says in every situation.  Don’t go on just 1 scripture.  Scripture interprets scripture so when you do a study on a topic, list all the scriptures that apply to that topic so you stay balanced in God’s perfect will and His plan for your life.


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