Jesus Loves You. It is time now for you to commit your life to Him – Jesus has a plan for your life!

About Jesus Christ and His Love For you

If you do not know who Jesus Christ is you can click on this link About Jesus Christ and get tons of details.

The bottom line is Jesus loves you and is willing to accept you back into His loving arms no matter what you have done.  Jesus came to give all forgiveness and sins and eternal life in heaven but it is a choice people need to make.  God is good and the devil is full of every type of evil.   Now is the time to commit or recommit your life to Jesus as you repent of your old bad or evil ways and follow Jesus’ plan for your life.  Click on this Praying to Jesus Christ   link to pray the prayer by faith and start you new love affair with God as Christianity is a relationship with Jesus 7 days a week not a bunch of rules and duties.  Jesus came to bring peace.  Yes you can have Jesus’ peace as you face the storms of life.

Who are you going to make Lord over your life?  Making Yourself Lord is self righteousness and no way for eternal life with God.  Making Satan you Lord will cause you torments for eternity.  Making Jesus Christ Lord of Your life means becoming a daughter or son or child of God and following His ways.

Study the Holy Bible every day and you will find that God IS love and created Love and created you so that you could enter a LOVE relationship with Him.  God gives you the freedom of choice to choose your eternal destination:  either with God in heaven filled with love and peace or with Satan in hell filled with torment and all evil.

Stop stalling.  It is time to make a quality decision.

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