Inspiration About Jesus Christ And The Holy Bible For Nov 14, 2016

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About Jesus Christ The Savior

Inspiration: A software developer I worked with was a great example of God’s light in the business world.  She was born in China and came to school in America.  Christians on the school campus shared Jesus with her and she committed her life to Jesus.  After graduating and coming to work at our firm, she was willing to share how she was raised as a Confucian, and later became a Christian.  She was gentle and kind in her words, always thinking of others and remembering their birthdays.  She always bowed her head for grace at lunch in front of all the cafeteria people!  She was an inspiration to help some of the Christians who were ashamed to pray at lunch now start to bow their head and say a quiet grace to Jesus before eating!

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Learn About Jesus Christ The Lord
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