Inspiration About Jesus Christ And The Holy Bible For Jan 29, 2017

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About Jesus Christ The Savior
Inspiration: A Christian businessman uses this scripture to help in the trials of life.  He also read in the Bible that heaven is Jesus’ throne and earth is His footstool and thought about Jesus putting His feet up on the earth as a footstool.  As he pondered on the size of His feet (in this image of Jesus using the earth as His footstool), he saw how powerful Jesus is and how evil can never defeat the Christian that calls on Jesus to rescue him.  It is through prayer and meditation on the Bible Scriptures that Jesus becomes so powerful in your life so that you can bind the devil in Jesus’ name according to Matthew 18:18 and cast him out of a situation.  Matthew 18:18 also says to loose. So loose 12 legions of angels to come and bless you, your family and your ministry right now in Jesus’ name!

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Learn About Jesus Christ The Lord

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