Inspiration About Jesus Christ And The Holy Bible For May 31, 2018

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Learn About Jesus Christ By Studying The Holy Bible

Inspiration:  A couple was asked by God to start a Christian TV station which was a huge step of faith.  They needed all the donations to arrive by the end of the month or else the deal would be cancelled.  During the last week hardly any money came in.   On the last day of the month they were $35,000 short.  That same afternoon, a man came in with a check for exactly $35,000 saying he was on his way to buy a boat but the Lord told him to donate the money instead.  They rushed to the bank and deposited the check just as the bank was closing.  This started the first Christian TV station and many more have been started since then. This was decades ago and this man and his family have brought great glory to God for his obedience!

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Learn About Jesus Christ Love and Forgiveness For You To Find
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