Inspiration About Jesus Christ And The Holy Bible For May 27, 2017

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Learn About Jesus Christ Wanting To Heal You
Inspiration: A church leader talked much about the Holiness of God and to revere God with holy fear.  I had never been taught on the holiness of God but only the love of God, so at first I thought he was out of balance with too much talk of holiness.  Later, I discovered that I was the one who was wrong and I needed to worship the Lord with much more reverence.  This also produced a need for holiness in my life.  When I started to pursue the holiness of God I seemed to fail every time!  It was then I learned that we need Holy Spirit’s help each hour of every day to say “NOT MY THOUGHT. I DISMISS THAT  IN JESUS NAME NOW” to every unholy and ungodly thought the devil tempts us with!


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Learn About Jesus Christ Wanting To Save You From Hell
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