Inspiration About Jesus Christ And The Holy Bible For May 15, 2017

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Learn About Jesus Christ Wanting To Heal You

Inspiration: I became a Christian shortly before I joined a large corporation.  I never told anyone I was a Christian at work since I was more concerned about my career than anything else.  I was scared to share Jesus with my fellow workers as I thought they would label me as a religious fanatic.  I prayed to God for the baptism of Holy Spirit and after that, God gave me boldness, not to impose my faith on others but to expose my faith. More and more opportunities arose for me to share my faith at lunch or after work with my colleagues.  I wanted also to be like Daniel in the Bible, a man of excellence, to be a witness that way also.  I also got baptized as an adult to die to my reputation and be more concerned with Jesus’ reputation and helping rescuing souls from hell!

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Learn About Jesus Christ Wanting To Save You From Hell
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