Inspiration About Jesus Christ And The Holy Bible For July 4, 2018

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Learn About Jesus Christ By Studying The Holy Bible

Inspiration: My prayer at my job was that I would be like Daniel in the Bible who had "God’s excellence" on him.  God blessed my work tremendously to the point where one year I was the top employee among seven different cities.  God promoted me by blessing my work and letting me produce  much for the company.  Every year God blessed my work to the extend I was given free vacations in exotic resort places along with the other top performers from my firm.  The top salesmen in the entire nation gave a speech at one of these trips and he said "I give all the glory to God".  This blessed me since all the non Christians heard it.  I started to pray more for my boss, my company, my nation and all those who are in authority over me that they would be protected and make Godly decisions!

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Learn About Jesus Christ Love and Forgiveness For You To Find
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